Nearly 70% of American report experiencing physical or mental symptoms of stress but only 37% say that are handling their stress well. Chronic stress has many signs and symptoms including things like headache, fatigue or more troublesome things like skin rashes, nervous ticks and increased blood pressure. Stress management is an important part to overall help. Try these tips to get started on managing the stress of life and work.

  • Schedule in down time. You schedule everything else why not date night or time to watch a football game. Putting it in the calendar gives you something to look forward to and you are more likely to get to that task.
  • Take stalk in the activities you waste time on that are not beneficial to your personal life or career opportunities. The ones that don’t add value can be cut back on or eliminated.
  • 10-15 minutes goes a long way when it comes to relaxation. Try setting aside 10 minutes a day to be quiet. Shut down electronics, pick a quiet locations and just breathe.
  • Start small. Making positive changes is not always easy. Instead of reaching for the moon right out the gate, break the overall goal into small incremental components. Take family time for example. Make it a goal to spend 1 hour a week distraction free with your family. Then you can add more time in as you make that hour a habit
  • Let go of perfection. No one is perfect. Let that idea go. Trying to do too much and do it all 100% never works. Set priorities and understand it is all a work in progress.