Healthy Ever After offers coaching in the corporate setting or on line in the privacy of an office or home. 

Feed Your Health Comprehensive Wellness Program

The goal of these services and products is to provide you with innovative, fun and simple wellness products and services that engage every employee to be well and happy throughout their work day and on their own time.  Pick one or pick all that will meet your companies wellness needs:  We would be happy to email /send you the product monthly or we can take that part out off your mind hand deliver products to your work site every month and switch out the old and put up the new!  You will never need to worry, just enjoy and learn every month.

  • Monthly Squat Talk:  These are fun, bright, 1 page wellness topics and trivia that can be put into bathrooms/elevators/common area’s for everyone to see many times a day!  They are sold in packets of 10 or 25 depending on how many places you want to post them.  Purchase 1 month at a time or all 12 months at 10% discount.  It is up to you.
  • Monthly Office Gossip Newsletter:  This is a monthly newsletter that everyone should be gossiping about.  Included in the newsletter is a health topic of the month, healthy product reviews, recipe of the month and a resource section.
  • Wellness as You Climb:  Laminated quotes and health facts that you can put in stairs and elevators to motivate employee’s to move and stay healthy throughout the day. We provide monthly sheets that you switch out to keep things new, fun and motivating.
  • Feed Your Health in 15 Webinars:  We know your time is precious so we have developed these short webinars that you can view when you only have few spare moments and on your own time.  It is a good way to take a short break from your busy day and learn something new at the same time.
  • Feed Your Health On Line Coaching and/or Diet Analysis:  This service is available to you 24/7.  Al l you need is to log into and sign up for an appointment under the online coaching tab.
  • Feed Your Health Display Tables With or Without a Personal Touch:  These interactive healthy display tables can be put up in the cafeteria or in a different public place to provide participants with eye opening health information.  Each table will include current health information, recipes, and fun interactive exercises that will are eye catching and fun.  In addition, our staff would be happy to come in 2 times throughout the month to answer questions.
  • Feed Your Health Cafeteria and Vending Evaluation and rRecommendation:  A healthy environment helps cultivate healthy workers.  This service provided by trained nutrition professionals will help you evaluate your current cafeteria, vending and meeting food choices and make recommendations on how to make them healthier while remaining tasty.
  • Feed Your Health 30 day Wellness Challenge Cards:  These challenges can be done as individual or in teams.  Each participant receives a 1 page 30 day wellness card with daily wellness activities to achieve.  Each is worth a point. The person or team who scores the highest points at the end of the challenge wins!!

Feed Your Health On-site Services

  • Seminars and Webinars on site:  30, 45 or 60 minutes
  • Cooking demos
  • Health education tables or multiple
  • Health screening services:  blood sugar, blood pressure, body composition, cholesterol, waist circumference, BMI, or any combination of the above
  • Challenges:  fitness as well as nutrition
  • Muscle Skeletal screenings: back, flexibility, ergonomic
  • Work station analysis
  • Feed Your Health Cafeteria and Vending evaluation and recommendation