Staying Well at Work

Keeping yourself healthy at work can be difficult especially as seasons change. Healthy habits can be hard to keep up throughout the year.


Finding Work Life Balance

Nearly 70% of American report experiencing physical or mental symptoms of stress. Stress management is an important part to overall help.


Wellness Products

A company can maximize the well being of its employees by creating a culture of wellness. We offer many products to promote employee health.


Client Testimonials

I am grateful to Andrea for her support and for the encouragement she has given me in helping me reach my goal. Ollie Davison
You taught me more than anyone else has regarding my eating habits and what I’m doing wrong. I benefited greatly from just that one visit I had with you. Michelle McKeough
Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I thought you did a fabulous job on the presentation yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much! Tammi, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare
I attended your obesity presentation the other day. I really found it helpful and very applicable to my practice. Thank you. Mary Carlson, A.R.N.P.


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Healthy Ever After has been serving corporations for over 15 years. We are a New England based company and pride ourselves on being professional, flexible and experts in wellness.


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